10 Movie Characters That I Would Hire In Real Life

//10 Movie Characters That I Would Hire In Real Life

10 Movie Characters That I Would Hire In Real Life

As the VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelēz International, I’ve had the pleasure of hiring and working with many talented professionals. I get pitched by many more.

With the Oscars quickly approaching, I took a minute to reflect on which movie characters I would hire or want to work with. How does this list resonate with you?

Erin Gruwell Freedom Writers

Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers: A teacher who relentlessly committed to changing the lives of underprivileged high school students. Constantly doubted and discouraged by her colleagues, Erin did not back down – in fact, she persevered.

Chris Gardner The Pursuit of Happiness

Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happiness: In the face of adversity, Chris sacrificed all of his own needs, in exchange for building a better life for his son – a true story of determination, and the finest depiction of resiliency.

Hermoine Granger Harry Potter

Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter: Where talent and intelligence meet compassion. Hermoine represented the arduous contrast employers are looking for. Her intellectual confidence was bold, yet sincere — undeniable yet flexible.

Buddy The Elf

The Elf from Elf: Some might argue this is a strange pick – maybe Buddy isn’t given enough credit. Although the movie is jam-packed with hilarious lines from Buddy, his passion is so clear and so vibrant. A candidate with an infectious energy is rare; that type of person is needed in the workplace setting, especially to provide some balance.

Loius Zamperini Unbroken

Loius Zamperini in Unbroken: No explanation is needed beyond this GIF.

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Saga

Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games Saga: The ultimate team player – Katniss, is full of focus, aptitude, allegiance, and most importantly, modesty. Anyone would be lucky to have them on her team for her selflessness alone.

John Keating  Dead Poet's Society

John Keating in Dead Poets Society: Someone who not only has the innate capability but the innate desire to stimulate others to find the power of their voice – that is someone who every employer should be fighting over.

Herb Brooks Miracle

Herb Brooks in Miracle: How far does talent take someone? Coach Brooks harshly pushes his players to their limits – asking them to dig far deeper, beyond talent and beyond skill.

Elle Woods Legally Blonde

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: Time and time again, Elle was judged and undermined for her image alone. Elle shows how self-assurance and faith can take you a long way.

Dumbledore Harry Potter

Dumbledore in Harry Potter: Wisdom and reason have been replaced by innovation and subjectivity in the modern professional world. This is where Dumbledore would flourish – a potential candidate who is the whole package: logical, astute, and sincere.

Would you hire any of these 10 candidates? Let me know at @boughb!

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